Annual General Meetings

AGMs are structured to conform with the constitution where a new Management Committee is elected, the annual Membership fees are determined, and the year is reviewed. Importantly the AGM is the occasion for members and general landowners in the Port Geographe SAR area to be briefed on events and issues in the year, and to have their say on such matters.


2016  – Minutes of the 2016 AGM are viewable here  and the presentation on the SAR issue “The Silent Sting”.

2017 – The AGM was held on 18 September 2017, at which the following office bearers were elected.

Committee 2017-18

Chairman Kevin Strapp

Deputy Chairman John Valentine

Secretary Dennis Gee

Treasurer Simon Denney

Committee Steve O’Brien, Ross Scott,
Graeme Edwards, Michelle Reilly, & Ron McDavitt

A presentation on the major issues can be downloaded here

Draft minutes of the 2017 AGM can be viewed here

2018 AGM – This is set for 7.15pm Monday 10 September at the Busselton Volunteer Sea Rescue building, Geographe Bay Rd.

The order of business will be:

  1. Confirmation of Minutes of 2017 AGM
  2. Chairman’s Report
  3. Treasurer’s Report
  4. Election of office bearers and committee
  5. Presentation on Current Issues

Several of our long-serving members will retire and a call for nominations will be made in advance of the AGM.

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