PGLOA maintains a watching brief on parks and gardens in the area, and ensures a close liaison with the Busselton City.

Following the completion of the landscaping associated with the fore-shore re-development, PGLOA submitted a report to City entitled Infrastructure Defects at Port Geographe – Maintenance Issues – Duty of Care. This led to the production of a significant report entitled Pride in our Community dated 23 March 2015. This report identified areas of opportunity and neglect outside of the foreshore redevelopment.

This report identified localities such as the old western groyne, the precinct of Sensations Café, the unimproved reserve at Lanyard-Layman intersection, Keel Retreat beach, and the Layman Road entry, as areas requiring attention.

In general terms it advocated higher levels of maintenance, and greater use of reticulated bore water to support native shrubs and lawn, rather than overuse of woodchip and mulch.

In May 2017 we were advised of additional landscaping in response to Pride in our Community for the FY 2017-18. (see link to 170522 – BCC Landscaping Projects FY17-18). These will involve landscaping of the footbridge approaches, a BBQ facility on the western side of the port entrance, restoration of median strips, additional parklands, and most importantly, deep water bores for reticulation . The monies will come from the recovery of old developer bonds.

PGLOA reminds its residents that the SAR they pay is for waterways and coastal strip management, not precinct landscaping. PGLOA also reminds Busselton City that the 25% community contribution that initially went into the Waterways Management Reserve Fund, was subsequently diverted into a Port Geographe Development Reserve, and as of 2013 totally abolished. PGLOA advocates that this latter fund should be used for capital improvements and landscape refurbishment at Port Geographe precinct, to partly offset the iniquities of the SAR.

Layman Road through the tuart forrest and Wonnerup is the second major entry to Busselton from the north. It is a designated tourist route.  Layman Road as it enters Port Geographe precinct should therefore present an attractive entry statement for visitors. The present entry statement has promise but is depreciated by the avenue of Casuarina trees that are unsightly, damaging and dirty.

PGLOA has initiated a tree replacement program, and is in consultation with landscape professionals from the City of Busselton and Aigle Royal to design a more suitable avenue.